The 1.0.6 release focuses on bug fixes. This release took longer than usual as a serious bug which had appeared in the previous releases took a long time to reproduce. Without the help of a Blueprint user, it would have been even harder to reproduce it and fix it. So, thank you Uriel! This bug randomly sent the tasks to the trash once you launched Blueprint. The bug was linked to the synchronization of tasks with the Reminders app. It pushed me to rewrite the contextual menus in the list views. These contextual menus will now enable you to restore several tasks from the trash so I recommend everyone to update Blueprint to 1.0.6 to make the most of this new feature. Here is the full list of fixes:
  • Improved contextual menus in list views
  • Fixed a bug which removed a category assigned to a company after synchronization with the Address Book/Contacts application
  • Fixed a bug which could send some tasks to the trash
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the user from restoring several tasks from the trash at once
  • Fixed a bug which would reduce the duration of a multiple days event when you selected it
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the user from viewing a photo preview after previewing a pdf document
  • Fixed a translation bug in French in the Events panel of the Preferences window
  • Fixed a crashing bug which could occur when you restored a backup