Blueprint-Access-Calendar I’ve had a lot of reports of Blueprint crashing at launch when you open it for the first time. This is very frustating, not least as the crash doesn’t even allow you to catch a glimpse of the app before it crashes. I managed to track down the bug and it is fixed for the 1.0.1 release, which was sent to the Mac App Store yesterday.

Why does this bug happen?

This bug occurs when Blueprint attempts to import the tasks from the Reminders application. It seems to happen when the user prevents Blueprint from accessing the Calendar application. What is the link between the Calendar application and tasks? Well, though tasks and events appear in different softwares on the surface, Calendar for events and Reminders for tasks, they remain deeply linked under the hood, to such an extent that the Reminders List are just calendars like in the Calendar application. When you create a new task in Reminders, it is “linked” to a list/calendar. When Blueprint synchronizes your tasks, it needs to know the parent calendar. The 1.0.1 release will take this into account. From 1.0.1, Blueprint won’t synchronize your tasks unless you allow the application to access the calendars.

Can I re-enable the access to the calendars?

Yes, you just need to reset the Calendar access permission. To do this, you have to use the Terminal and this will reset all permissions for your Calendar access, causing the panel to appear again the next time any application, including Blueprint, tries to access the calendars. If you want to do it, open the Terminal and use the command line: % tccutil reset Calendar