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What’s the story?

Blueprint is a business app created especially for small businesses and available in three editions: Blueprint Lite, Blueprint and Blueprint Pro. Blueprint provides complete integration of project management, contacts management, sales management, tasks, documents, notes, events and archiving, and automatically syncs with Apple native apps. Combining all these capabilities into a single app, Blueprint 1.5  is ideal for small businesses and the self-employed.

Feature Highlights

Managing projects and tracking their progress – track progress using milestones, and see related contacts, linked tasks and notes

Track your potential and existing sales – Increase sales productivity by monitoring the sales pipeline at all stages and streamline follow ups and reminders

Having a full overview of contacts – see all contact details as well as the projects in which they are involved, appointments scheduled, tasks to do for them, etc.

Organizing your daily actions with tasks – add tasks in seconds, sort your tasks and stay focused, track their progress and automatically archive old tasks

Staying up-to-date – plan appointments, meetings, or calls and prepare for them by linking contacts, projects, tasks and notes

Creating notes to organize and use items of information – create notes and link them to other items or keep them separately

Importing and managing documents – add files and folders to Blueprint easily with drag ‘n’ drop. Preview anything including text documents, images, PDF files, movies, bookmarks and web pages

Linking all items – interconnect items to get a full overview of any given contact or project

Prioritizing and organizing – items can be tagged, flagged, colour-coded with categories and collected together in groups

Sync contacts, tasks, calendars and events with Apple native apps.

Blueprint Lite, Blueprint and Blueprint Pro

All versions come with awesome support. There is no hidden fee!

  • Blueprint Lite
  • Free
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Events
  • Projects
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Groups
  • Apple integration (contacts, calendar, tasks, emails)
  • Blueprint
  • USD 39.99
  • All of Blueprint Lite
  • Everything to sort: categories, tags, smart groups
  • Customization: custom Fields, custom types
  • Subtasks
  • Enhanced search
  • Contacts enhanced activities view
  • Calendar view in projects
  • Backup
  • Blueprint Pro
  • USD 79.99
  • All of Blueprint
  • Opportunities management
  • Products management
  • Estimates
  • Processes and milestones for projects
  • Pipelines and stages for opportunities
  • Project roles
  • Activity sets


What’s new in version 2

Blueprint Pro Opportunities with Stages
Track your potential and existing sales

Increase sales productivity by monitoring the sales pipeline at all stages and streamline the tasks.

Blueprint Pro Tasks Overview

Break up your existing tasks in subtasks in order to gain much deeper insight in the progress of tasks, projects and opportunities.

Emails integration

Select a contact and see all the emails that you’ve exchanged with that person.

Blueprint Pro Opportunities Estimates

Add products or services from your catalog or custom products.Create estimates in one click and send to your customers.

Blueprint Pro Opportunities Estimates Template Editor
Estimate template editor

Create your own personal image in only a few simple steps.

Blueprint Pro Projects Calendar
Project Calendar View

Projects have a calendar view allowing you to see all relevant tasks and events in a day, week, month or year view.

Synchronization with Apple Contacts
Apple integration

Import and synchronize groups from Apple Contacts/Address Book.

Blueprint Projects Activities Windows 8
Works on Windows

Packed with the features of the OS X editions, Blueprint Lite and Blueprint are the perfect desktop apps for your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC.



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