sprouteapps blueprint pro

What’s new in Blueprint

Blueprint 2.5

64 Bit and revamped user interface

Blueprint is now a 64-bit application, has a revamped user interface and  synchronizes with Apple Calendar and Reminders once more, a capability which had been removed in the 2.4 version.

Blueprint 2.4

Ability to create a new group, a new keyword or a new category from a list of selected items

Blueprint adds the ability to select a list of items, right-click and can create a new group, keyword or category with the selected items.

Sproutedapps Blueprint Pro New Category from Selection

Exporting contact, company, task, project, opportunity and document reports as PDF

It is now possible to export your contact, company, task, project, opportunity and document reports as PDF

Sproutedapps Blueprint Pro Export Report PDF

Blueprint 2.3

OS X Services

Blueprint adds the ability to use the Apple OS X Services. It is now possible to create a task or a note from a selected text and/or create a document from a selected file.

Blueprint 2.2

Linking Emails

Blueprint adds the ability to link an email from Apple Mail to an item (project, contact, task…).

Improved synchronization with Apple Contacts/Address Book

Blueprint 2.2 adds the synchronization of the Company field.

Blueprint 2.1

Grid views in Blueprint Pro

Grid views for  the contacts, companies, projects and opportunities modules.

Blueprint Pro Projects List Overview

Scan documents in Blueprint and Blueprint Pro

Blueprint 2.1 and Blueprint Pro 2.1 adds the ability to scan documents.

Export your data in Blueprint Lite, Blueprint and Blueprint Pro

Blueprint Pro Export Data Window

Blueprint 2

Track your potential and existing sales

Increase sales productivity by monitoring the sales pipeline at all stages and streamline the tasks.

Blueprint Pro Opportunities with Stages


Break up your existing tasks in subtasks in order to gain much deeper insight in the progress of tasks, projects and opportunities.

Blueprint Pro Tasks Overview


Add products or services from your catalog or custom products.Create estimates in one click and send to your customers.

Blueprint Pro Opportunities Estimates

Estimate template editor

Create your own personal image in only a few simple steps.

Blueprint Pro Opportunities Estimates Template Editor

Project Calendar View

Projects have a calendar view allowing you to see all relevant tasks and events in a day, week, month or year view.

Blueprint Pro Projects Calendar

Simple CSV Data Import

Import your data from a spreadsheet or from other softwares in a few clicks.

Blueprint Pro Import CSV Data

Apple integration

Import and synchronize groups from Apple Contacts/Address Book.

Synchronization with Apple Contacts